We only had one division this year, and this year only, breaking from previous years. Top finishers from the Southeast USA Regional contest advanced to the North America Division Championships.

This year's contest was held on-line. Each team member was in their own space, and used their own computer.

Check out the Opening Ceremony and the Awards Ceremony!

Also check out the Rule Differences from previous years.

The regional contest director and chief judge is David Van Brackle (david.vanbrackle@icpc.global).

This Southeast USA Regional Programming Contest is part of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Teams of three students write computer programs to solve a set of problems in five hours. Programming teams from the states of MS, AL, GA, SC, and FL compete at the Southeast Region (SER) Contest; the best teams advance to higher-level contests. The goal is to improve the skills necessary to solve problems with computers. (See the ACM ICPC entry external link at Wikipedia or visit the ICPC official WWW site external link.)

The 2020 ACM Southeast USA regional programming contest was held Sat, 6 March 2021.

The contest is over, registration is closed! There was no registration fee this year! 81 teams from 19 schools competed.

The contest was conducted in the contestant's own environment. This year, we adhered to ICPC standards. The programs can be submitted in C, C++, Java, Python, and Kotlin. Kattis was the contest management software this year.

Here are the Final Standings! Congratulations to all!

Gold Medal

GT01 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Silver Medals

UCF Slow Cooker (University of Central Florida)
UCF Iron (University of Central Florida)

Bronze Medals

GT02 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
UCF AC (University of Central Florida)
UCF Freezer (University of Central Florida)
M||E (Emory University)

Advancing to NADC

GT01 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
UCF Slow Cooker (University of Central Florida)
UCF Iron (University of Central Florida)
GT02 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
M||E (Emory University)
Unordered_set (University of Florida)
Deque (University of Florida)
BJU Bruins A (Bob Jones University)
Clemson 000 (Clemson University)
Garbage Collectors (Florida Institute of Technology)
AU Nova (Auburn University)