Contest CD

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Southeast USA Regional
Saturday, 15 October 2005
Florida Institute of Technlogy

Instructions to Boot

Make sure your computer looks to boot from your CD drive. Insert the CD into the drive, restart your computer. At the "boot" prompt, hit return, type "knoppix", or do nothing; the computer will soon start up a GNU/Linux operating system based on the Debian distribution. This is the environment for the 2005 Southeast USA Regional Programming Contest. After you end the session (right click on the root background), remove the CD, and the computer will reboot to the pre-existing operating system. Your computer and data will have been unchanged.

Instructions to Install

Installing from this CD will delete the pre-existing operating system and all data. At the "boot" prompt, type "install 4" before it can boot. Type "yes" to confirm installation. After several minutes the install will finish and it will be necesary to reboot the computer from the hard drive.

Browse the WWW pages

The official WWW site for the 2005 SER USA Regional ICPC is, a copy of it (possibly out of date) may be available locally on this CD at /usr/serweb/icpc/ser2005/index.html.